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Student Leadership

At Holy Cross, we believe that empowering students with leadership roles and responsibilities will provide them with interpersonal skills to motivate, influence and support others while working together to achieve the goals of the school in collaboration with the staff and families.

Our students are given the opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership skills by involving them in purposeful and meaningful experiences that allows them to use their gifts and talents.

For example, Year 5 and Year 6 students participate in a full-day Leadership Experience called ‘Explore, Discover, Act’ which enables students to explore their own potential as a leader and their collective ability.

Our school encourages student voice by engaging in ‘Conversation and Afternoon Tea’ with our principal and staff leadership team.

Year 6 students also attend an overnight leadership camp.

We have 2 school captains and 2 vice captains from Year 6, selected as student leaders to represent Holy Cross, both in school and at events outside of school.

In addition, all Year 6 students are members of a Student Leadership Team during their final year at Holy Cross. These teams are Leaders of Faith, Leaders of Learning and Leaders of Community.